SPI SheetMetal Inventor in the sheet metal industry

»I would not like to do without this best-in-class sheet metal software. Our goal of fulfilling the customer's demands was absolutely achieved.«

Jason Brown, CEO Casfield Ltd.

SPI SheetMetal complements the basic sheet metal functions of Autodesk Inventor and offers a range of helpful capabilities for sheet metal design and unfolding, especially regarding the process chain and the direct transfer of data to manufacturing.

Certified for Autodesk Inventor 2015


5 reasons that make SPI SheetMetal Inventor the "best-in-class" solution:



"... a perfect process line from design to manufacturing."  



"The productivity of our engineering and drafting departments will continue to improve with the use of these software packages."


"I believe that this is the best investment that we have ever made."


"SPI’s software’s highly advanced sheet metal functionality is ideal for engineering processes."


"Flat shapes are calculated with such precision and reliability that the manufacturing team can produce sheet metal items into series without prior prototyping."